Make me the money

Day 7 of the abundance challenge with Millionaire Mommy Next Door and the money is getting really interesting. Now I’m looking to spend $12,800. Wow, that’s a lot of moolah and it’s hard not to think about `responsible’ things to do with that money. But somehow I’ll manage it … ūüôā

So what would I do with¬†$12,800? Once again, it’s an experience thing. My husband and I would¬†take¬†our son out to the middle of Australia¬†to see Uluru (Ayers Rock). It’s a magical, spiritual place that has huge cultural ties to indigenous Australians, and is something every Australian should see.

To be honest, taking this trip Рeven comfortably Рwould only probably take up about $6000 of the available funds in this challenge, so with the rest we would travel up to Kakadu and enjoy some of other amazing sites of the Northern Territory.

How would I get the money? This is actually quite achievable, but might take a couple of years. I plan to investigate opportunities for locum work in these locations, allowing us to travel there as a family with expenses paid (travel and accommodation), plus salary. In fact, under arrangements like these, we could travel there and actually make extra money because of the huge rates available to those willing to work as locums in rural areas.

What am I grateful for today:

  • my open mind
  • my comfortable existence
  • the beautiful rain trees in our garden, that provide the perfect location for my son to play each day

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