Just a little update

We were able to add $100 extra to the emergency fund this pay, despite me not working. I hate to say it but the fact we don’t have debt payments means there always seem to be at least a bit available each pay for savings. Who’d have thunk it, huh?

Also, I got some good news about childcare. I’am actually going to continue to be eligible for some help from the government, saving me about $30 a week on our (still massive!) bill. So our budget will not be quite as tight as I thought in coming months.

In other news, I received the money for my bursary (trip to China) and bought my airline ticket. It will be a really quick trip – arriving Saturday night, leaving Wednesday night. But I’ll need to get home to my loved ones! We thought about stretching the trip out and going as a family but we just can’t afford it. We’re just no longer the type of people who do stuff we clearly can’t afford any more!


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  1. brus nadal said

    Enjoy your trip and I m impressed by your thinking. Best of luck.

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