Doh! Disorganisation costs me … again!

Well today the final payment was due on my airfare to China. No problem, I think. I’ve got the money all ready.

So what happens? This morning, I can’t find my wallet anywhere. That means no credit card, no debit card and no ID to go in to the bank and withdraw the funds.

In the end, I had to pick up my dad and take him in to the travel agent to pay the bill. Since we used his credit card, we incurred a 2.5% credit charge, adding $21 to the bill. I know it’s not a huge amount, but that was going to be money in MY pocket for a change! Because I’m FINANCIALLY ORGANISED now (apparently)!

Here’s the kicker. My dad doesn’t keep statements after he’s paid his bill. Thus, he can’t give me the details so I can directly debit the funds in to his c/c account. So now he wants me to get it via a bank cheque – that’s going to cost me at least $15!

Why do I do this to myself? It’s like Suze Orman says, having your money organised, looking after your wallet … these are signs of good financial habits. This seems to happen to me too often. I need to take better care of my things!

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