Budget blown!

Ha! Less than 24 hours after my last post, hubby came home with a new $150 frypan! It is very good quality, doesn’t require oil to use and theoretically will save us on our gas bill. He is the cook in our house and does a fabulous job.

But OMG! $150?

I didn’t say anything – he so rarely does this that I couldn’t, especially given I’m much more likely to work treats for myself into the budget than he is.

We will just have a chat about our goals over the weekend to get his mind back on track and I will cover the differential from our billpaying (which shouldn’t be a problem).

I guess this is part of life even after you get debt free – you still have to make sure you are moving in the right direction. Sometimes, it might seem even easier to get yourself in trouble once you’ve achieved it!



  1. I love cooking too, but $150.00? I hope to have a great set someday (mainly after I pay off my debt!) Good luck on the Budget/Goals chat! Money talks are always hard.

  2. debtfretter said

    You are right Movingonup!
    I must say, even I could avoid burning things with this pan – I am almost in love with it myself after a few uses. But yeah, we are not yet people who can afford $150 on a pan.
    However, I am considering it like fun money because for the most part he is very frugal, certainly more frugal than me in his personal spending habits. Thanks for stopping by again!

  3. FrazzledMommy said

    Oh my goodness, $150 for a pan. That is a tad high, but cookware is my weakness as well and I love to cook (thank goodness for my cast-iron skillet!!) I would have done the same as you, just let it slide and enjoy the dinners he makes for his family, lol.
    Kudos to your Hubby for being frugal. My Hubby, not so much………. lol. I’m not giving up yet!!!!

  4. debtfretter said

    I just realised that $150 represents one-tenth of our entire savings! When you start looking at your purchases this way, it really makes you realise your financial position and how much work there still is to do. I don’t think Suze Orman would have approved!
    Thanks for stopping by Frazzled Mommy! I wish cooking was my weakness – I’m terrible!

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