Renewed energy pays off

In an effort to care more about the `little things’, I attempted to boost my emergency fund by $100 today by looking for money around the house. I knew I had about $40 in coins, and that was a while ago, so I thought I’d have another look and see what I could find.

Well I found another $10 in coins just by scratching around the drawers and my husband’s pants (always plenty of coins there!). Then I hit the jackpot – 2 winning cheques from the lottery. These totalled $33.80 – much less than he has spent on these, that’s for sure – but I thought he’d cashed these ages ago. This is exactly why I usually am the one to take things to the bank – I actually go! 🙂

Anyway, I looked a little harder and was able to find another $16.20. So that makes an extra $100 for the emergency fund!  To be sure it goes where it’s meant to, I’ve already transferred the cash to the emergency fund and will take this money in to the bank on Monday.

I’ve also looked at a dinner plan for the week and have organised my lunches (brought from home) till Wednesday.

So it’s a start. I’m very pleased!


  1. I love the idea of “finding money” inside your own house. I can’t believe you managed to find $100! That’s awesome.

  2. Wow! I’m going to go look for money around my place.

  3. Dolly Iris said

    Ooh! Found money is the best money! 😉

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