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… you know I gots to keep postin’!

It just occurred to me that I’ve been really down about our financial position. I’ve just been feeling like we have such a long way to go till I’ll feel like I can relax at all.

Yet I just realised that we are closing in on $2000 in savings. It’s not great but it is a start.

Funnily enough though, it’s LESS than we had in savings around this time last year. This post is from August 30 2007, and in it I wrote all about how excited I am that we have $2500 in our account – `one-fifth of the way to our home deposit’. (We later cashed this money out to help get rid of debt.)

That post seems like a million years ago. Back then, we hadn’t factored in a real emergency fund. We also were only aiming for a 5 per cent deposit on a cheaper home. Now we are attempting to save our full 6-month emergency fund, plus a 20% down-payment on a more expensive house. It’s going to take us YEARS to do that.

So $2000 isn’t much. But it is a start. 

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  1. JvW said

    I know what you mean. It’s easy to look at savings and say, “I had $2500, that’s more than I have now.” But the $2000 in savings you have now IS so much more. That was back when you had debt, and where any little emergency would send you into more debt. Now you are doing awesome! Way to go!

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