Uggh! Money is flowing from my pockets

I’ve stuck to my efforts to put $100 towards savings over the last two weeks. But I’ve also watched my bill pile grow too quickly for my billpaying account to catch up! I’m not saying the former caused the latter – the two aren’t related. In fact, the fact we have money in the bank makes me happier when I look at the bill pile!

Nevertheless, I have to figure out how to pay for most of these. The bills currently due are:

  • annual car insurance 1 – $350
  • annual car insurance 2 – $200
  • drivers licence renewal – $70
  • quarterly electricity bill- $350

These usually come out of our billpaying account – in to which I put $300/week. But it’s that time of year when the bills are many, and it will take a while to fix some of these up. They should all be paid on time though, and if not, I’ll stick one on the credit card and use up some of the 55 days interest-free time.

Other upcoming expenses include:

  • $100 extra to cover the expense for my hotel bill in China (Yay – only three weeks away!)
  • $500 extra to cover unsubsidised portion of fuel bill for my eight-week rural placement
  • Ball tickets for graduation (we have to pay three months early because we’re all going to be away)

That’s a lot for a family who has very little left after the basic bills are paid!

I guess this  is the first I’ve mentioned in a while that I will actually be away from home for nine weeks – and this starts in three weeks time! First I’ll be in China, then my family is accompanying me on placement to a tiny island township to work at the hospital for my final student rotation! It’s exciting. I’ll keep up my blogging but it will probably be a little more sporadic.

I’ve also decided to save going back to work till after I get back from this placement – I think it’s for the best in terms of getting through. I’ll only be working for them for about four weeks then before I’ll have to quit and start my `real’ job!

I have WAAAAY too much to do between now and when we leave!

Our money situation is frustrating me because I want to make more headway but there are too many competing demands on my time. We need to get hubby’s tax return in, even though it isn’t worth much – because getting that in will allow us to receive the 07/08 childcare rebates. This could amount to as much as $3500! That would certainly pad out our emergency fund nicely!

We’ll see how things pan out.

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  1. Sharon said

    Hi there-the childcare rebates would certainly make all the difference to your emergency fund, hope this gets sorted for you soon!

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