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Graduation is ruining my budget!

Well, I may still be 12 weeks or so from graduation but the costs just keep coming!

Academic gown hire is going to cost $89! Lucky I’m not actually buying theĀ gear … that would really break the bank. As well as that, I have to pay $420 to register with the medical board. I guess it is a bit like a union fee so I shouldn’t complain but `ouch’! Don’t they know we aren’t even earning yet?

As well as that, the graduation dinner tickets are $90 each, and the farewell party (the next night – more oriented to saying goodbye to other students, less for families) is $25 each for the two of us.

And what about a dress? For the ball and/or for the ceremony …. might have to decide whether that can be done.

You don’t graduate every day so I accept this but it is really adding up.


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