Graduation is ruining my budget!

Well, I may still be 12 weeks or so from graduation but the costs just keep coming!

Academic gown hire is going to cost $89! Lucky I’m not actually buying the gear … that would really break the bank. As well as that, I have to pay $420 to register with the medical board. I guess it is a bit like a union fee so I shouldn’t complain but `ouch’! Don’t they know we aren’t even earning yet?

As well as that, the graduation dinner tickets are $90 each, and the farewell party (the next night – more oriented to saying goodbye to other students, less for families) is $25 each for the two of us.

And what about a dress? For the ball and/or for the ceremony …. might have to decide whether that can be done.

You don’t graduate every day so I accept this but it is really adding up.



  1. FruGal said

    For the ceremony won’t your clothes be hidden by the graduation gown? Just go for some fierce shoes – that’s all you’ll be able to see! 🙂

  2. debtfretter said

    good point FruGal – so it’s shoes for the ceremony but a great dress for the ball??
    Oh yes, oh yes.
    Thanks for stopping by! And for great advice.

  3. Dolly Iris said

    Ooh! Graduation DOES sound expensive. Sometimes though we have to remember to splurge a little bit, especially on such a momentous occasion. Congratulations! Enjoy yourself, you deserve it!

  4. You only graduate once. So enjoy it in the most reasonable why that you can. Good Luck 🙂

  5. SavingDiva said

    Good luck!

  6. Dolly Iris said

    miss u!

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