Back to civilisation … but missing island life

Well, I’m finally back home after 9 long weeks away!! What an experience! So much has happened since I last posted that it’s hard to put it all into just one item. I think I’ll be taking a while to get our lives back on track, let alone our finances.

The good news: I’m finished all of my assessment for university. So now I await graduation in December!! There were a few champagnes tossed back on the verandah of the unit I was staying in while on my placement last week! After so much work (8 years of tertiary education), it hardly seems real.

The bad news: Our finances went backwards while we were away. Our emergency fund got eaten up by costs and a few dramas, and we have a lot more costs to face in the coming weeks. I’ll expand on that in coming posts.

The better news: On January 5, I start work! So soon we will have another income. We plan to use the bulk of it for savings (both emergency and house savings). But we also plan to put a few more low-cost activities on the agenda, like camping.

The ugly news: How about the world financial meltdown? My biggest surprise has been how few PF bloggers have even touched on it in their posts. Is it a matter of debt repayment being the top priority? Maybe because people feel it’s a `big end of town’ problem and it doesn’t affect them? On the few occasions I was able to log on while I was away, I was surprised by how little comment it generated amongst my fave bloggers.

In any case, we are home safe and sound but we had to deal with a lot of added costs while we were on the island. It is a very remote place and food is highly expensive. However, our accommodation was free and most of our travel costs were covered by the university. The hospital was a 20-second walk away so I could leave for work at 7.58am! No cars for 8 weeks! I could see the chopper land (loaded with new patients from the outer islands) from my lounge room window.

The island is lovely and one I would like to go back and work on in the future. There are some good financial incentives for medical staff who want to work there too (ie lump sum payments), however you need to have advanced skills to be a useful member of the medical team.

In any case, I have lots more to tell but need to pay some attention to unpacking and getting things sorted here. I am checking out everyone’s blog pages too and keeping up with the happenings in your life.

It’s good to be home!


  1. louise said

    welcome home!
    it’s great that you have finished all the requirements and have a job to go to.
    you will soon get back on track with the finances, just enjoy the achievement of graduating and congratulations!

  2. JvW said

    Glad to have you back! What a great experience you must have had… a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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