Job status looking up

Well ,apart from all the other news to share, the first is the details of my upcoming job. My base salary will be $58,000 but apparently with overtime in some terms over the year, the total will be more like $70,000. The hospital will also cover home telephone installation, line rental and for a set number of calls over the year (or the equivalent to a mobile number). I won’t need relocation costs covered, so most of the rest of the entitlements don’t mean much to me.

Apparently, the base salary works out to $2143/fortnight – so I will have to learn to budget fortnightly from now on (though my hubby will continue to be paid weekly). After tax, my wage will work out to about $790 a week. That’s good news! We aim to save at least $600/week over the coming year, so we don’t plan a massive change in lifestyle.

The other news today is that under a job reshuffle, my husband is competing for a closed candidate position. If he gets it – and it looks fairly promising – he will be up for a $20,000p.a. pay rise!! And that’s using the minimum pay rate in the scale advertised for the position (the salary varies depending on the candidate’s experience etc)!! Needless to say, he will be working hard to get it. If he does, we might get closer to our dreams a little bit faster.

Now for the bad news: our emergency fund is no more, and we have a range of upcoming bills. The trip was hard on our vehicle, and it needs a bit of work on the engine. We also have a range of small bills that piled up while we were away. And both of our vehicles’ annual registration fees are due in two weeks’ time. So there won’t be too much chance to replenish the EF in the short term, unfortunately. However, I will settle for getting everything paid without relying on credit. If anything does go on the card, I have a big focus that it must get paid back within the 55-day interest-free period.

With the new jobs in the family, we will need to have a real focus on not spending more than we earn. If we are going to get this extra money, it must be put to good use. Given the current financial situation, we consider ourselves lucky to have jobs to go to, so we shouldn’t squander this opportunity to create a nest egg. I aim to ensure that we do make the most of it.

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