Guests are gone … and focus is back on budgeting

Well, we’ve had visitors for 5 nights, which has affected my ability to keep track of my money and blogging. The baby’s cot was set up in my office, so it’s hard to get a second to log on and do my thing, between the sleeps and the feeds etc!

It was great to have my friends here, and even better they didn’t want to party hard because they had their little one to worry about. So it was all about seeing each other and hanging out at home – better for the bank balance too!

Their visit was also good because it was the friend whose baby we had intended to fly south to see – it was one of my financial goals for 2008. However, it wasn’t going to be achieved because we had too many other things to do (ie 9 weeks elective in another town) and there was unlikely to be any cash left to get there. So it was lucky that they had occasion to come up here – it allowed us to see the baby, give them somewhere to stay for free and meant we didn’t have to spring for plane tickets! A win-win situation for everyone!

This couple are among our best friends but it is worth sharing that they are in a completely different financial situation to us, mostly because of good financial sense and also because of some family circumstances. In the past, it has been hard sometimes to hear about their good financial fortune, which allowed them to pay off their first home within a year of buying it, invest in a second investment property, live in very cheap military accommodation while reaping income from both properties, buy some stocks, buy 2 late model cars and a large trailer boat with cash, and apparently have so much wage income that they `had to see someone about what to do with it all’. The green-eyed monster came out on my part a couple of times, I’ll admit!

But they have had bad luck too – it took them more than 2 years to fall pregnant, which was hard because they were used to everything coming easily to them. And some of this cash they had came from an inheritance from a parent, who died relatively young. So you see, I would never trade that experience for the financial advantages it brought. Money is not everything.

Anyway, we are looking like having a turn-around in our own financial position in the next few months, and the important thing is to make the most of it. That’s what we intend to do.

While my original goal was to have $5K in the EF by end of the year, right now I would be happy to just remain debt free and cover all the upcoming costs of my son’s birthday, Christmas, two car registration bills ($600) and medical registration ($420). If we can do all this and not be in debt in a months’ time, I’ll be happy. Now I have to figure out how!


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