Money attracts money?


I find it strange how once you start accumulating a little money, more seems to come out of the woodwork. It’s the first time this has happened to me, and I have to say I like it!

Recently, my husband was paid out some owed time because his position changed. No longer will he accumulate time off when he works overtime (as he is now in a managerial position), so they wanted to `pay him out’, rather than have him be away. He was also owed some backpay from when he got the position.

When we received the money a few weeks ago, it was more than welcome. But we couldn’t help but think he must have been slugged badly by tax, as it wasn’t quite as much as we expected.

The next week, he received his new regular salary, and we thought no more about it.

Then on Friday he got another massive pay, just over $1000 more than usual for the week!

We couldn’t believe it. Funnily enough, our biggest stress was trying to decide where to prioritise it. We thought of spending half and using the other half for goals, but both of us really wanted to use it towards our house deposit. Besides, I recently mentioned that we wanted to `make up’ for the first 2-3 weeks of the year when we couldn’t put any cash away, and to do that we needed to find $1500.

So that is where the $1000 went – into our house deposit fund.

I also believe I have found the `extra’ $150 (which I wrote in my last post that I wanted to find this week), but I am not yet willing to add it to the ticker on the left there as it is not secure yet. But if that does work out, we will effectively add $1150 extra this week to the house deposit fund. Currently it sits at $3900.

The other news is that my hubby will be `backfilling’ his boss’s job for 2 weeks – her annual salary package is around $160,000 (!!!), so the pays from these two weeks should contain a bit extra too, though I’m sure the tax man will take a big swipe out of it.

But how’s that? I had been spending each night, notebook and calculator in hand, trying to work out where to find the cash to boost the balance, and then this money arrives seemingly out of nowhere. It is really nice. Maybe I will subscribe to the belief that money in the bank attracts more money. It certainly has worked for us!

In other news, we are planning to go on a four-night houseboating trip in about 6 weeks time. I know this seems out of the blue, and it is. I am taking enforced leave from work … I know, I just started, and it shouldn’t be allowed. But my bosses say they need to spread everyone’s leave throughout the year and I drew the short straw to have it early. Really early!

 So the upshot is that we will be going for our holiday soon  and therefore need to work hard to save enough to cover the houseboat adventure.  Between our holiday pay loading, this extra pay for my hubby and my overtime, we should be able to pay for this upfront.

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  1. I strongly believe in this idea that money attracts money.

    And congrats on the extra cash 🙂 It’s a welcome surprise.

    Fabulously Broke in the City
    Just a girl trying to find a balance between being a Shopaholic and a Saver.

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