It just keeps coming

OK, we are really having a nice little run now. My husband went to the accountant and it turns out that instead of the $150 or so we were expecting, we will get a tax refund of about $950, or closer to $800 once the acountant is paid! Lucky my husband didn’t get me to do it electronically. I hadn’t been fully aware of the things he was allowed to claim, and could have ended up costing us some money.

Otherwise, life is pretty quiet. I have an elderly family member who is really very obviously in the last few days of her life, and we are all spending a lot of time at her bedside saying goodbye. It is a hard time for all of us, and means we are not spending much time out and about. It is also now less than a week until my holidays start. I will be spending most of the time at home, but might do some household projects and try to get a few of our priorities sorted, such as doing our wills and sorting out our insurances (ie are we getting the best for our money?).



  1. I use that UFILE tax software and I always end up getting a lot of money back.

    But you’re right – you just have to be aware of what you can claim and not.

    This year, I am going to be paying $7k in taxes, that’s my estimate 😦

  2. frugalcpa said

    What excellent news! I’ve been doing some tax preparation this year and I cringe when I finish up and someone owes a bunch of money, like FB (above) apparently does. Yikes.

    Congrats to you, though!

  3. debtfretter said

    Thanks frugalcpa!
    It is nice – i think fb has her own business and was expecting the $7K but yes, i know what you’re saying. I’d cringe in that situation too!
    Thanks for reading!

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