Sick of work

Is it OK to be just 5 weeks into your career and completely over it already? 🙂
Hopefully I’m just having a bad day…
On a good note, I got my fortnightly pay and officially have more money in an account than ever before in my life (not counting that fraction of a second when I’ve received the money ready to pay the seller when getting a car loan (just before I wrote the bank cheque as payment!).
Nuh-uh! This is our cash, baby!

I also have to see a financial adviser this week to learn about salary packaging. I will post with the details after my appointment on Monday.


  1. frugalcpa said

    Congratulations on having so much money! Maybe that’ll help you get through the tough days when you’re sick of work. I think every profession is at least 10-20% not fun.

  2. K-money said

    When I first started my career in healthcare I felt overwhelmed, there is so much that you can’t learn in school. You have to learn it on the job. Looking back, I can’t believe how ignorant I was then! Over a decade later I still enjoy my profession and am glad I chose it. The great thing about health care is that there are so many different things you can do. If you get sick of one do something else (but wait at least a year).

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