Resisting the urge to splurge

AAARGGH! This is why I’ve learnt to avoid the stores!

I have had a new drive to decorate (ie buy things for, not actually improve) the house, and so 9am rolled around this morning and I was standing there waiting for the homewares store to open. It was so sad, me sitting there looking desperate to part with my money. I actually felt embarassed for myself.

Luckily, when I got inside I decided that the items I’d been lusting after weren’t as great as I’d remembered.

This is one of the benefits I’ve gained from being more careful with my money. I have to still really want something the third time I see it in the shop before I’ll buy it. Near enough is no longer good enough. It means the bar has been raised in terms of actually parting with cash. And it’s surprising how often I realise I’d thought something was way nicer the first time I saw it. 

I had been quite taken with the idea of a glass lantern to hang on our small side patio (outside a window), but once I got back into the shop, I didn’t like the item in question as much. So, no loss!

I am also trying to remember that all these `little things’ add up to a lot and could slow down our dream of owning our own home.

So I traipsed back home again empty-handed.

However, there are 24 more weekdays remaining on my holidays so I’ll need to show the same discipline for a few more weeks yet!



  1. Jamey said

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  2. frugalcpa said

    Awesome. I love it when I go to buy something and realize I don’t want it after all. Money and spending have strange effects sometimes, because it leaves me feeling a little sad and empty when I don’t buy what I looked forward to buying, but the end result of not having spent money makes up for that by the time I get home.

  3. debtfretter said

    Hi Money LIfe Debt, I think you’ll find that blogging really helps you focus on reducing your debt! Welcome, and I’ve added you to my Blogroll – I’ll keep checking in on your progress!

    I know what you mean frugalcpa – I am very conflicted at the moment about how long I can wait for my goals to happen, and have to remember our personal priorities for spending. Thanks for commenting!

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