A time to give


One of the things I haven’t been proud of since we finished repaying debt is that we have not yet made a concerted effort to work out our charitable giving. While we were getting out of debt, I cut back on our giving because I knew we needed to help ourselves in order to get into a position where we could help others more in the future. But with our business and the change in our lifestyles, we hadn’t gotten around to this.

In the wake of the horrific Victorian bushfires, in which almost 200 Australians died, my husband and I decided we needed to get past our inertia and donate. Lots of Australians felt the same, with company and individual donations topping $100 million in a few days. For US readers, this is a huge amount in our nation of just 20 million people.

I didn’t give straight away as I don’t give `on credit’ anymore. But today we transferred $50. This is as much as we can afford right now, but I intend to get us a to a position where we are regularly giving 5% of our regular income away. Eventually I would like to make that 10% (once our emergency fund is a bit more secure perhaps).

I guess we need to talk about how best to deal with giving away this 5% in the future.  I hate that when you decide to give for a specific appeal, you get so much junk mail in the aftermath that it must inevitably cancel out the value of your original donation.

I wonder if there is some way this can be avoided. I’ll have to do some research, I guess.


  1. Maureen said

    We too donated to this disaster fund, our hearts went out to the plight of all affected.

    Enjoyed your blog yesterday and picked up some excellent tips from your budget keep up the good work and hubbies boat could be a reality

  2. omg i feel so sorry for the victorians they losts so much and all them lives were lost

    hope this dosnt happen again

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