Still here, still resisting

Just a quick post to let you know that holidays make it hard to stay on a budget! Especially when spent at home, where all of the things you would like to replace are in full sight!

I got paid today and with about $150 extra for leave loading, I put that aside for the houseboat adventure.

I also moved the regular $1300 to the house deposit account, and that is really starting to inch up.

Otherwise, not much to report. I splurged and got my hair chemically straightened today, which cost a cool $300, but which lasts about 6 months. It’s worth it to have professional-looking wash-and-wear hair!



  1. WOW! $300 is exactly how much my wife was spending monthly to get her hair straightened!

  2. debtfretter said

    $300 a month? OMG! I definitely could not afford that. I wonder ehy she needed it done so often? Maybe her hair was a bit more `resistant’ to strightening.
    Is she still getting it done?

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