Holiday expenses


Well, our houseboating trip is on this week and I am excitedly preparing. The vessel we are going on is very similar to the one pictured above, and I can’t wait. But there have been a few expenses in the lead-up:

– 3 beach towels – $40 (sick of trying to wrap our tiny bathroom towels around my waist when in public!)

– Wine/champagne/spirits – $134.50 (we are entertaining some friends for two of the nights onboard)

– Food – about $200 – not so bad when you consider this is essentially our `weekly shop’. It covers each of our meals for 5-6 days, and we would normally spend about this much anyway for a week.

– Stinger suit for our toddler son – $45. Marine stingers (especially irukandji) can be fatal, so an all-in-one suit will keep him safe. This way we can swim in safety (apart from sharks, crocodiles and other nasties that we will obviously need to keep an eye out for).

– Petrol: this is going to cost at least $100 for driving to the town where they let the houseboats, and also to fuel our own boat (which is going to be the runabout). Having our own boat will allow us to fish and crab down the smaller creek systems. Hopefully we will dine well on seafood at least one night this week!

While I concede that all this is expensive (especially on top of the houseboat hire fee of $2300), it is also true that once we are on the houseboat, there are no ongoing outlays like there might be at a resort (you know, drinks, meals, tours), so I think it’s comparable to other holidays. It just seems worse right now because all the expense is upfront! And this is one of my husband’s top 5 all-time dream holidays. It’s a bit of a joint reward for me getting through 8 years of college (at times, it was as hard for him as it was for me).

It’s also true that the upcoming (Australian) stimulus package will pay for the vast majority of our houseboat hire fee. We expect to receive $1900 as two working people, while the total hire fee is $2300. So our holiday is looking like costing us under $800 once all costs are taken into account, and excluding the $200 food bill, since that is part of our regular budget.

Would it have been more responsible to put the stimulus money into savings? Probably. But we elected not to, and I guess at least this way it is being used in the way the money was intended.

We head off in a few days and I’ll check back in when we return!


  1. Kellie said

    I love your blog! I too am an Aussie girl and I’ve been really getting into PF blogs lately (even thinking of starting my own) but it’s so nice to be able to read an Australian one! Definitely makes me appreciate the lucky country even more!

    It took me a couple of days but I managed to read my way through all of your archives and am very impressed with everything you’ve accomplished. Congratulations!

    I know you don’t want to reveal too many particulars but I am wondering where you live. At first I thought mid to North QLD, then maybe up in Darwin. But now I just don’t know!

    Will continue reading! Enjoy your holiday!

  2. debtfretter said

    Hi Kellie, thanks for the great feedback!
    Yeah, North Queensland is right! I do try to keep it a bit on the down-low because it’s amazing how much slips out and since our population is so much smaller, you can be tracked down pretty easily.
    But tell me a little more about yourself … where are you on your debt journey … or are you much smarter than me and not in debt at all?

  3. Maureen said

    Another Aussie who has been lurking and enjoying your blog for quite some time. Unfortunately my story is not a success as yet but filled with enthusiasm from reading blogs such as yours I hope to have better success this year. Catch you around

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