Back from paradise


So we survived our houseboat adventure … in fact, I think we flourished as a family! We actually enjoyed each other’s company (most of the time!) and worked together to keep everything running well.  Of course, there is a fair bit to do each time you put down and raise the anchor, so hubby and I had to listen to each other, plus watch our little one. But it was definitely worth it.  Above is a photo of our 3-year-old drinking in the view. I think he had a great time too.

While it’s always lovely to be back, we had a blast on our trip. Cruising around the islands, dining on freshly-caught crab, squid and fish, swimming at the odd well-protected inlet … it was like paradise.

I must admit though that I have `sea legs’ (or is that `land legs’) – I’m still detecting a bit of wave action whenever I stand too still!

I definitely think it’s good we went and did this but my focus has immediately returned to boosting our finances wherever I can.

Two jobs for today:

1) Rework our billpaying account to ensure that enough cash is being held each week to meet our regular bills; also I will investigate whether any of these (pay TV/internet) can be reduced.

2) List my financial goals for 2009 on the sidebar so I can scratch them off once achieved.

We’re aiming to build up a 20% deposit, which will take at least two years (from January ’09) so there’s a lot of work to do and I’d like to cut that period down as much as possible.


  1. debtdieter said

    If you’re with the company that says ‘yes’, let me know as I should be able to steer you in the right direction on your broadband & TV changes.

  2. Maureen said

    So glad you enjoyed your holiday, I have just returned home to Qld. from South Australia, and boy did I feel the cold down there. Looking forward to receiving your help with Broadband and TV charges. Many thanks

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