Still a learner

Gosh, you know, just when I think I have this money thing down-pat, I realise how far I have to go. Well, you know how I formulated a debit acount that we would pay money back to instead of our credit card? Well, this month … when push came to shove … I was so wary of actually taking the money out of this account that suddenly the end of the month arrived and I got charged interest on the credit card purchases! So I’m out $20 and might as well be back in the old days of revolving credit card debt!

Money is such an emotion-laden thing. Why do I have trouble raiding an account to pay for things like our car service, yet I can easily lay down the plastic for the same thing? It’s certainly an anomaly. Needless to say I have transferred the balance from the debit account to pay off $550 worth of purchases on the credit card.

So what happened? Well we got a bunch of bills at once and there wasn’t enough in our billpaying account to cover it all. I kept hoping that over the last few weeks I would just be able to pay the credit card directly from the billpaying account (instead of using the debit account money) but there were too many other bills. Then I just waited too long and the credit card bill hadn’t been paid!

I have to learn that the purpose of this money is to avoid paying interest and if I use it for that, then it has done it’s job. Luckily, as we keep putting $300 a week away for regular bills, eventually I will be able to replenish the debit account and put this whole thing behind us.

I have so much still to learn about myself when it comes to money …

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