I am a 30yo student who is interested in personal finance and who is slowly trying to drop my debt before saving for a home. I live in Australia, but find that many of the issues facing PF bloggers are common around the globe. I’ve learnt so much from the online community. My goals originally were focused on just paying off this debt, then saving for a small house deposit (maybe 5 per cent). The US subprime situation has taught me how important it can be to have some equity in your home, so now I am aining for at least 20% deposit. I also now don’t feel I want to buy without a reasonable emergency fund in place. Needless to say, these goals are going to be tough to achieve in a short time, given that in my region we are experiencing a housing boom! And right now, it’s all just focused on the last of the debt. But together with my husband and toddler son, we aim to get there. I’m writing this primarily for me, but am hoping others will gain something from it too.


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  1. Heather said

    I know you have your debt paid, but I’m a college student too and found this great company who took off my interest and a balance transfer fee.

    They take off fees and you don’t have to be behind on payments.

    They are http://www.creditcardzappers.com.

    If you have friends in debt, they are a big help.

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